The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) along with the St. Lucia Cooperative Credit Union League Limited on March 29, 2017 held a joint training session, which primarily focused on the preparation and understanding of Credit Union financial Reporting Forms. The training session was held at the conference room of the Financial Centre located in Pointe Seraphine. In attendance were Managers and Accountants of credit unions across the island and the Regulators.

The day’s activities commenced with opening remarks from the Executive Director, Mr. Calixte Leon who encouraged the full participation of all present.

Mrs. Dusauzay, Senior Manager of the FSRA was the main presenter of the training session. She navigated through the reporting forms explaining the importance of the information required for reporting, by the credit unions. During the session participants were encouraged to ask questions and give comments with the aim of adding value to the training.

The afternoon session comprised of the analysis of case studies whereby participants were placed in four (4) groups of six (6) persons. The specific task assigned was to present on the PEARLS Ratios after analysing particular scenarios as it relates to the credit unions’ financials. Each group was assigned a Regulator who served the purpose of mentoring and providing guidance where necessary.