The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (the FSRA) will officially launch its website on April 26, 2017 at a venue to be determined.


The launch marks a milestone achievement for the FSRA as the website is intended to be used as a key tool for providing information to the various regulated sectors, individuals and businesses wishing to conduct financial services, and most importantly, to policyholders, pension fund plan members and other consumers of financial services. The website is also viewed as a necessary medium for satisfying some of the objectives of the FSRA stipulated in the Financial Services Regulatory Authority Act such as the promoting of public understanding and awareness and the provision of appropriate information.


Mindful that target users are from a wide cross section of society, a considerable amount of time and resources was spent in the design of the website; with user-friendliness and functionality being considered above all else. The main features of the website which will be seen on the homepage are:

·       Users are provided with two menus separated by a slideshow – the top menu can be used to view a wealth of information on each type of regulated entity including a summary of each type of entity, a list of entities licenced/registered, legislation underpinning their supervision and documents/forms used for compliance; while the lower menu allows users to access information about the FSRA.

·       A slide-bar under the lower menu is reserved for drawing attention to information and events which the FSRA believes is important to users.

·       The FSRA’s core values, mission and vision is highlighted under the slide-bar along with information on how to file a complaint and a list of frequently asked questions.

·       To the right of the page is a search bar, a list of latest postings, related links and quick access to legislation.

·       Icons of partner organisations are featured at the base of the page followed by the FSRA’s address in the footer.


The Financial Services Regulatory Authority is committed to providing relevant and up-to-date information on the website for the benefit of all users. It is envisioned that documents and forms required by applicants and licenced entities will be available for purchase through the website to add to the ease of complying with regulatory requirements.