To become a world class financial services regulator.


To maintain the integrity of the Financial Sector through efficient and effective administration of the Financial Sector laws and regulations and the application of best international practices and standards.


The following comprise our value proposition:

  • Reduction of the risk to the public of financial loss due to dishonesty, incompetence or malpractice by or through the imprudence of persons carrying on the business of financial services in or from within Saint Lucia;
  • Protection and enhancement of the reputation and integrity of Saint Lucia in financial matters;
  • Upholding the best economic and social interests of Saint Lucia;
  • The need to counter financial crime both in Saint Lucia and`` elsewhere;
  • The protection and fair treatment for consumers;
  • Stable and secure financial markets;
  • Competitive and innovative financial markets (including a choice of organizational options);
  • Proportionate, risk-based regulation;
  • Prudential supervision and enforcement;
  • Management responsibilities (including the maintenance of adequate financial and managerial resources); and
  • The application of ethical conduct at all levels of the regulated entity.