Below is a list of Pension Fund Plans registered by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority as at March 31, 2017.


1st National Bank St. Lucia Limited Pension Fund Plan
Atwell Dalgliesh Co. (St. Lucia) Ltd. Staff Pension Plan
Beachcomber Ltd. & Executive Investments Ltd. Pension Plan
Capita Financial Services Inc. (St. Lucia) Pension Plan
Caribbean Metals Limited Pension Plan
CDC Caribbean Pension Scheme
Ciceron Management Ltd. Staff Pension Plan
Consolidated Foods Limited Pension Plan
Duty Free Caribbean Holdings (St. Lucia) Pension Plan
East Caribbean Financial Holding Group of Companies Pension Scheme
First Caribbean International Bank Ltd. Retirement Plan
First Citizens Investment Services Ltd. - St. Lucia Staff Pension Plan
GEL St. Lucia Defined Contribution Pension Plan
J. E. Bergasse & Co. Ltd. Et Al Pension Plan
Lucelec Staff (Grade I) Pension Scheme
Lucelec Staff (Grade II) Pension Scheme
Minvielle & Chastanet Limited Pension Plan
OGM Communications Ltd. Staff Pension Plan
Peter & Company Limited Pension Plan
Renwick & Company Ltd. Staff Pension Plan
SLASPA Staff Pension Fund Plan
St. Lucia Distillers Limited Staff Pension Plan
St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited Defined Contribution Pension Plan
St. Lucia Insurances Limited Staff Pension Plan
St. Lucia Representative Services Ltd
The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Employees’ DC Pension Plan
Unicomer (Saint Lucia) Ltd. DC Pension Plan
Uni-V (St. Lucia) Ltd. Pension Plan
Windward & Leeward Brewery Limited Hourly-Paid Employees Staff Pension Plan
Windward & Leeward Brewery Limited Monthly-Paid Employees Staff Pension Plan