The Saint Lucia Development Bank (SLDB) was established as a body corporate by the Saint Lucia Development Act, No. 12 of 2008, and commenced operations in February of 2009. SLDB is managed by a Board of Directors, the composition of which is prescribed by the Act.

The Bank is mandated to “mobilise and provide finance for and promote and facilitate the expansion and strengthening of the economic development of Saint Lucia and foster the development of money and capital market in Saint Lucia and member states of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States”.

The Bank functions as a facilitator of socio-economic development by providing access to financial, technical and advisory resources for development enterprise. Accordingly, SLDB is empowered to receive funds, make investments, negotiate loans and provide credit for ventures related to agriculture, education, fishing, industry, tourism, housing and service. The Bank may also provide technical assistance and managerial advice to any development venture and may participate in the ownership of such enterprises.

The Bank contributes to the development of capital markets through participation in the subscription and trade of securities issued by Government, statutory bodies or public entities.